Obama Writes Time ‘100 Most Influential’ Piece on Parkland Survivors: ‘They See the NRA’ as ‘Mere Shills’

A group of Parkland survivors was honored on Time‘s list of the 100 most influential people and the introduction was written by none other than former President Barack Obama.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students Cameron Kasky, Jaclyn Corin, David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez and Alex Wind were honored by the publication for their advocacy after the deadly February shooting that left 17 dead at their Florida school.

In his entry introducing the teens, Obama praised their youth and the power they have harnessed “to insist that America can be better.”

“The Parkland, Fla., students don’t have the kind of lobbyists or big budgets for attack ads that their opponents do. Most of them can’t even vote yet,” Obama wrote.

He continued on, “But they have the power so often inherent in youth: to see the world anew; to reject the old constraints, outdated conventions and cowardice too often dressed up as wisdom.”

The 44th President also used the piece to take aim at the NRA.

“Seared by memories of seeing their friends murdered at a place they believed to be safe, these young leaders don’t intimidate easily,” Obama noted. “They see the NRA and its allies—whether mealymouthed politicians or mendacious commentators peddling conspiracy theories—as mere shills for those who make money selling weapons of war to whoever can pay.”

Read Obama’s full piece on the Parkland students here.

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