Oprah Winfrey Network: Positive Reviews Come In For Oprah’s New Venture

Now that we are just one day removed from the much buzzed about debut of Oprah Winfrey‘s new network OWN, it’s time for the critical reviews to start rolling in. Already one critique is that the network is a “missed opportunity”, but some other early reviews are much more positive:

“OWN is a place where cynicism takes a holiday and mockery hasn’t yet been invented. . . . OWN isn’t for everyone . . . [b]ut it lives up to the Oprah Winfrey ethos — a ‘meaningful, mindful’ cable network that seeks its own truth and tries to be its own best self.” – Alessandra Stanley, The New York Times

“One of the more disquieting aspects of [OWN] is the pervasive sense (inevitable, I suppose) that this cable network is not just a programming venture and a brand extension, but a living monument to its creator’s power — and a celebration of her willingness to use that power as a force for good. We won’t just watch OWN; we will gaze upon it with awe and affection, and marvel at the sweet magnificence of its founder.” -Matt Zoller Seitz,

“Beneath the inspirational advice that often sounds like hot air, and the clean-up-your-room mom’s voice, Oprah has a bedrock belief in reason, intelligence and education. That’s what makes her so valuable and OWN so promising to the non-banshees among us.” – Caryn James,

Were you there for Oprah’s big celebration, and if so what were your thoughts?

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