Paul Krugman Tried Pot Once, Had ‘Coughing Fit,’ Now Supports Legalization

Add one more to the list of New York Times opinion writers who have admitted publicly that they’ve smoked marijuana

On Thursday, Paul Krugman wrote a post on his blog in favor of the Times‘s decision to back legalization of marijuana in the U.S.

“The Times editorial board has been doing a major public service by pushing for marijuana liberalization,” he wrote.

And an admission:

Oh, and for the record, I never have smoked pot (I tried once, but went into a coughing fit) — but I do drink alcohol, and I see no reason to accord special privilege to my recreational drug of choice.

In June, Times columnist Maureen Dowd wrote about her psychedelic experience when she ate weed.

A few months prior, her colleague David Brooks wrote about how much marijuana he smoked in high school.

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