Politico Reporter Resigns Over Allegations Of Plagiarism

Politico transportation writer Kendra Marr resigned Thursday after a New York Times reporter discovered she had plagiarized his work. It was later uncovered that Marr had appropriated content for seven articles without proper attribution. FishBowlDC broke the story Thursday night.

Late in the evening of Wednesday, October 12, the writer of a piece about transportation policy published in the New York Times e-mailed one of our senior editors about potential problems with a piece on the same subject that was published in POLITICO. Early Thursday morning, editors here compared the pieces, and did see some similarities in phrasing. These were troubling enough to warrant further examination of reporter Kendra Marr’s work.

The publication clarified that Marr had not commited Jayson Blair-style offenses, writing “None of these examples represented invention of quotes, scenes, or other material. Our inquiry did conclude that there had been an unacceptable violation of our journalistic standards. Material published in our pages borrowed from the work of others, without attribution, in ways which we cannot defend and will not tolerate.”

Marr first joined Politico August 2009 following a staff writing gig at The Washington Post, and was reportedly, according to FishBowlDC, a “beloved reporter in the newsroom,” but journalist Betsy Rothstein reports that following this incident her “career in Washington journalism is effectively over.”

Poynter’s Julie Moos noted that in 2006 Marr deceptively “claimed to be a US census worker in order to locate a witness in a murder case.”

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