Ryan Zinke Visited Ski Resort and Alaskan Steakhouse For Political Fundraisers on Taxpayer Dime

While it has not been confirmed if Ryan Zinke ordered a well done steak and ate it with ketchup, the interior secretary did reportedly visit a steakhouse in Alaska for a GOP fundraiser.

A Politico investigation released today continued the running theme of Trump Administration lackeys abusing taxpayer money, as it was revealed Zinke visited political fundraisers at both a ski resort and the Alaskan steakhouse.

Zinke stopped by the Montana ski resort in March to attend a GOP fundraiser for Senator Steve Daine. The Anchorage, Alaska steakhouse appearance was taken in May to raise money for Republican Congressman Don Young.

These two appearances aren’t the only questionable travel choices the interior secretary has made — he also visited the Virgin Islands for a fundraiser appearance where donors reportedly paid $5,000 to snap a picture with Zinke.

Per Politico, every one of these aforementioned excursions was taken on the guise that they were official Department of the Interior work. The paper also reports that The Hatch Act allows trips like these — but only on the administration member’s personal time and money.

Additionally, the ex-Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price stepped down in September after it was revealed he had blown over $1 million in private jet-setting — all on the taxpayer dime.

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