Sound Familiar? Bloomberg Appears To Cite Thomas Friedman on Meet The Press


During an interview on Meet The Press today, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg discussed American innovation and leadership. In particular, he made an interesting suggestion that we should “make sure anybody who gets a graduate degree in America, from overseas, gets a green card attached to their diploma.”

If that sentence sounds familiar, that’s because you’ve heard it already. From the New York TimesThomas Friedman, in a 2007 column:

Don’t get me wrong. I’m proud that our country continues to build universities and a culture of learning that attract the world’s best minds. My complaint — why I also wanted to cry — was that there wasn’t someone from the Immigration and Naturalization Service standing next to President Jackson stapling green cards to the diplomas of each of these foreign-born Ph.D.’s. I want them all to stay, become Americans and do their research and innovation here. If we can’t educate enough of our own kids to compete at this level, we’d better make sure we can import someone else’s, otherwise we will not maintain our standard of living.

… I’m serious. I think any foreign student who gets a Ph.D. in our country — in any subject — should be offered citizenship. I want them. The idea that we actually make it difficult for them to stay is crazy.

It’s interesting to see that Bloomberg is avidly reading and citing self-described “pro-immigration fanatic” Thomas Friedman. Now: will Friedman notice?

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