Soundbite: ‘Democrats Wasted A Year Like Unruly Toddlers’

“While the nation was suffering through the worst economy since the Depression, the Democrats wasted a year squabbling like unruly toddlers over health insurance legislation.

The public interest? Forget about it.”

Bob Herbert, in today’s indignant New York Times op-ed “They Still Don’t Get It,” about failure by the Democrats to grasp the importance of “the economic plight of ordinary Americans, from the middle class to the very poor.”

Herbert continues to claim that “there is no evidence, even now, that leaders of either party fully grasp the depth of the crisis.”

The Democrats still hold the presidency and large majorities in both houses of Congress. The idea that they are not spending every waking hour trying to fix the broken economic system and put suffering Americans back to work is beyond pathetic. Deficit reduction is now the mantra in Washington, which means that new large-scale investments in infrastructure and other measures to ease the employment crisis and jump-start the most promising industries of the 21st century are highly unlikely.

What we’ll get instead is rhetoric. It’s cheap, so we can expect a lot of it.

Read the rest of “They Still Don’t Get It” here.

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