Source: More Layoffs Expected Today At Condé (UPDATE – It’s Golf World)

yani-golf-world-magazine-coverYesterday, Mediaite broke the news that layoffs at Vogue were coming. Peter Kafka at All Things D later reported that at least six have been laid off (we had heard that seven were let go). Today we are hearing that another title will be letting staffers go, though its unclear at this point which magazine will be making the cuts. Update – its the Golf mags.

A source familiar with the Conde Nast tells us that today’s news will come from “a big title” and surmises that it could very well be Vanity Fair, though he was uncertain.

Update – Hamilton Nolan reports at Gawker that its the Golf magazines:

A Conde insider tells us that the layoffs came down this morning with little notice, claiming at least ten sales staffers at Golf World and at least one more at Golf Digest. The company “basically gutted [Golf World] and are merging the sales and marketing team with Golf Digest,” our tipster says.

It has been widely reported that nearly every surviving title at Condé Nast has been tasked with cutting 25% of their overall budgets. Condé Nast Editors-in-Chief at each title have been given the leeway to make cuts as they see fit, on their own schedule. The timing of these cuts has been closely guarded until now, and it remains unclear when cuts will come for each title. We will have more as the story develops.

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