Superbowl MVP Drew Brees on Letterman (with Baby Brees Backstage!)

Aw. Indianapolis native David Letterman welcomed Super Bowl XLIV MVP Drew Brees of the winning New Orleans Saints to his show last night — despite his allegiance to the Colts — celebrating the new champion in the name of his team, his city and his super-cute baby son. Letterman showed Brees’ upcoming Sports Illustrated cover (after the Swimsuit Issue, natch), which featured him hoisting son Baylon Brees in the air amidst confetti minutes after the Saints won the day. Letterman said that any bitterness he may have had seeing his own team lose melted away watching that adorable father-son moment; as for Brees, he said that he’d imagined lifting his son on the field after winning the Superbowl, and described what he had been thinking at that moment: “Little boy, you just don’t even know what you’re experiencing right now.” Aw.

Brees also indulged Letterman by throwing him a pass — which Letterman caught ably after a dash into the audience — and following the interview the camera cut to his wife, Brittany, and lil’ Baylon in the green room. Another, more giant aw — why didn’t they bring them out? That would have been a killer ratings moment – yes yes Drew Brees is popular right now, but BABY BREES would be TV magic. Dave could have invited Jay Leno to join in that moment. Makes total sense.

Video below:

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