comScore Survey: Newspaper Reporting Now Only Second Worst Job in America!

Survey: Newspaper Reporting Now Only Second Worst Job in America!

Every year, CareerCast releases their list of America’s best and worst jobs, and every year, traditional newspaper reporters get the shaft. It’s grown worse as traditional print media dies off: last year, newspaper reporters ended up at the very bottom of the website’s Top 200 Jobs list.

This year, their positions improved: it’s now only the second worst job! (Yaaaay.)

Lodged right in between “Lumberjack” (No. 200) and “Enlisted Military Personnel” (No. 198), newspaper reporters make, on average, $37,090 a year, and also report absurdly high levels of stress, terrible work environments, and poor hiring outlooks. Moreover, by 2022, the industry’s expected to experience -13% growth. Yes, that actually means it’s contracting, and nobody’s gonna hire newspaper reporters in the distant future. (Maybe you, young writer, should probably consider going into dishwashing — it’s only ranked 124th on the list.)

Aw, gee, reporters, we didn’t mean to depress you. Wanna read about how much it sucks to be a lumberjack? Here’s the firsthand account of Eric Johnson, the editor of National Logger (which means he’s both a reporter and a lumberjack):

The lumberjack’s job is increasingly modernized through technology. Johnson says mechanization has made for a safer work environment, but also streamlined the field and eliminated jobs. “If a guy owns the machinery, he owns the business,” he explains. And those who own the businesses need fewer lumberjacks.

“You incur a lot more expenses if you’re hiring people,” Johnson explains. “Companies are taking a crew that was maybe 25 people and now is down to three…” Despite improved safety through technology, Johnson says logging “is still a very dangerous business.”

Which means that Monty Python is a lie.

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