comScore TBT: Graydon Carter Predicts Trump Will End Up ‘Urinating in Mason Jars’ or ‘Taking Over the World’

TBT: Graydon Carter Predicts Trump Will End Up ‘Urinating in Mason Jars’ or ‘Taking Over the World’

Graydon Carter, longtime editor of Vanity Fair, is leaving the famed glossy this month. In his final issue, the journo and bon vivant looked back on his 25-year stewardship of the magazine.

But for our weekly Throwback Thursday post, we wanted to look back further. We wanted to revisit Carter’s time at Spy Magazine, the satirical monthly he co-founded – and famously wielded against an endlessly mockable Donald Trump.

Back in 1990, Carter was interviewed at the Spy offices for a never-released documentary about Trump, then a New York real estate mogul and tabloid fixture.

And Carter’s comments turned out to be impressively prescient.

“The only end to this road,” Carter said of Trump, “is ultimate madness.”

“You know, living alone in an apartment complex in Panama and growing his fingernails long and urinating in mason jars. There’s no other way.”

“It’s that or taking over the world — one or the other,” Carter added. “It’s going to be one extreme or another. Either the greatest Bond villain of all time or Howard Hughes.”

Carter’s feud with now-President Trump is well documented. It started in the Spy days, when the magazine coined the epithet “short fingered vulgarian” to describe the famously self-conscious businessman.

Trump responded by repeatedly sending Carter photos of his hands with annotations in Sharpie marker reading: “See, not so short!”

Watch above.

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