The New York Post Cover Compares The Stock Market To A Prostitute’s Underwear

One of my favorite Simpsons gags of all time occurs in an episode where Bart runs for class president. He gets Homer to make his campaign poster and Homer comes up with a doozy; simple text exclaiming “SEX! Now that I’ve got your attention, vote for Bart!” What makes this gag so great is that I feel like I’m reminded of it about three times a week even 17 years after the episode aired. My latest reminder, this New York Post cover that uses an interesting analogy and an incredibly random stock photo to inform readers that the stock market’s been kind of crazy lately.

It’s not just the blatant “sexiness” of this cover that I enjoy. While many readers will be drawn to this expecting some kind of sordid news story about ladies of the night, I’m pretty sure just as many readers will look at that image of a slightly anachronistic “hooker” smoking a cigarette and be confused into thinking the Post has magically transformed into a pulp detective novel.

“I could tell from the instant the Dow walked in. It had been up and down more times than a hooker’s drawers. Normally, I’d never have taken the case but I needed the cash, I needed it bad. I’d invested all my money in the stock market.”

(image via Newseum)

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