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The New York Times Sunday Cover: Food Stamps For All!


TheĀ New York Times delivered a sobering message on Sunday with a lead story that read “Food Stamp Use Soars Across U.S., and Stigma Fades.” We’re all hurting, the paper seemed to say, as a giant United States infographic detailing the change in number of people who receive food stamps over the past two years occupied most of the space above the fold. The Great Recession indeed.

The cover story begins matter of factly and it’s clear we’re not in for a feel good Sunday human interest piece:

Driven by a painful mix of layoffs and rising food and fuel prices, the number of Americans receiving food stamps is projected to reach 28 million in the coming year, the highest level since the aid program began in the 1960s.

The piece puts the 2009 government price tag at about $36 billion, as 14 states reached a record number of recipients by last December. “One example is Michigan, where one in eight residents now receives food stamps,” reads the article, illustrated by the dark sections of the above map. See also: Nevada, Florida, Arizona. Ouch.

You can see another nifty looking, mood deflating Times graphic below, and read the whole downer of an article here.


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