‘These Cops Get Off Every Single Time!’: Michael Brown Doc Filmmaker Blows Up at Fox’s MacCallum


Jason Pollock, the director of the documentary Stranger Fruit which focuses on the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, got into a very heated back-and-forth with Fox’s Martha MacCallum tonight.

One part of Pollack’s film in particular––concerning security footage from the convenience store Brown was in before the shooting––has garnered a lot of attention about the case. Per The New York Times:

The footage shows Mr. Brown entering the store, Ferguson Market and Liquor, shortly after 1 a.m. on the day he died. He approaches the counter, hands over an item that appears to be a small bag and takes a shopping sack filled with cigarillos. Mr. Brown is shown walking toward the door with the sack, then turning around and handing the cigarillos back across the counter before exiting.

Jason Pollock, a documentary filmmaker who acquired the new tape, says the footage challenges the police narrative that Mr. Brown committed a strong-armed robbery when he returned to the store around noon that day. Instead, Mr. Pollock believes that the new video shows Mr. Brown giving a small bag of marijuana to store employees and receiving cigarillos in return as part of a negotiated deal. Mr. Pollock said Mr. Brown left the cigarillos behind the counter for safekeeping.

Prosecutor Bob McCulloch said that Pollock’s claims were “nonsense,” and the attorney who represents the store and its employees told the Times, “There was no transaction. There was no understanding. No agreement. Those folks didn’t sell him cigarillos for pot. The reason he gave it back is he was walking out the door with unpaid merchandise and they wanted it back.”

Pollock appeared right after Trace Gallagher‘s report on the new video and immediately told MacCallum, “I am simply stunned by that report. Simply stunned. Beautiful job, fake news 101.”

He said that anyone with a conscience and a heart who sees the video understands what happened, but “there are some people in America with so much bias inside of them that they just want to think Michael Brown is a bad guy.”

MacCallum brought up how the DOJ under Eric Holder did not charge Officer Darren Wilson and said, “I think it’s fair to assume that they really believed that they were going to be able to indict Officer Wilson.”

Pollock shot back, “That’s absolutely not true! Not true! Don’t just say that!” He said, “You know how the system works! These cops get off every single time!”

He said the DOJ “failed,” but MacCallum asked if he’s really going to discount the conclusions of the grand jury and the DOJ.

Pollock cried, “Can I speak now?!” He said there are facts about the nature of Brown’s shooting that don’t add up, and when MacCallum brought up the forensic investigations, he shot back, “They all failed!” and “You know how many black men are in jail right now for nothing…because the Department of Justice failed them?!”

Watch the heated back-and-forth above, via Fox News.

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