comScore Trump Signs Executive Order Rolling Back Obama Climate Guidelines

Trump Signs Executive Order Rolling Back Obama Climate Guidelines

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump signed a new executive order, one initially believed to be targeting former President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan. The 2015 rule was designed to get power plants to reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses.

However, according to a report from USA Today, citing “one senior administration official, speaking to reporters on condition of anonymity Monday because the order had not yet been finalized,” the order targets 10 different Obama environmental policies:

  • The aforementioned Clean Power Plan.
  • The Clean Power Plan’s “new plant rule,” which addresses new facilities separately from the plan’s guidelines for existing plants.
  • The 2016 memorandum that positioned climate change as a national security issue to be handled in part by the Pentagon.
  • A 2013 executive order pushing federal agencies to counteract the effects of climate change.
  • A 2015 executive order requiring federal agencies to reduce fossil fuel consumption.
  • The expansion of the of the National Environmental Policy Act, which is done effective immediately.
  • The EPA’s 2016 limits on methane emissions from the oil and gas industry, which requires a more involved regulatory process to roll back.
  • The ban on coal mining on land owned by the federal government and Native American tribes. This is also effective immediately.
  • The Bureau of Land Management’s rule restricting “venting, flaring and leaking” oil and gas wells in federal lands, which needs further review to fully roll back.
  • Stricter standards on gas well production, which will also take some time to fully undo.

During his signing speech, Trump made a point of thanking coal miners, calling them “my guys,” and saying they “don’t get enough thanks” and “haven’t had enough thanks.” The president added that, “they’ve had a hard time for a long time” before starting a long round of applause and shaking hands with everyone behind him at the podium.

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