University of London Students Vote to Ban Newspapers For ‘Sexist’ and ‘Islamaphobic’ Stories

londonThe student union of the City University of London passed a resolution calling for newspapers to be banned from campus if they were perceived to be “fascist” or demeaning to minorities.

The proposed policy, called “Opposing Facism & Social Divisiveness in the UK Media,” singled out three UK tabloids in particular: The Daily Mail, The Sun and The Express. The proposal however makes sure to note that it could apply to any outlet, and the three right-wing papers were just used as examples.

The Daily Mail, The Sun and the Express have published stories that demonise refugees and minorities…” the proposal complains. “The Sun, Express and Daily Mail have posted Islamophobic stories.” It goes on to complain that their stories are “sexist,” “actively scapegoat the working classes,” and are “inherently sexist” (yes, it says sexist twice).

“The Union believes… that freedom of speech should not be used as an excuse to attack the weakest and poorest members of society…” it continues. “There is no place for the Sun, Daily Mail or Express (in their current form) on City, University of London campuses or properties.”

The motion passed the 200-student body, but lacks the authority to go into effect without administration approval. Still, the British press was not impressed, with even the left-leaning The Guardian calling it “embarrassing for the university, which runs one of the UK’s top journalism programmes.”


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