Wall Street Journal Takes Swipe At Times Publisher: Arthur Sulzberger’s Pic Above Piece On “Feminine-Looking Men”

There’s no love lost between Wall Street Journal and News Corp. owner Rupert Murdoch and New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr., and just in case you thought that newspaper men played fair, today’s issue of the WSJ should easily dissuade you of that notion.

Accompanying an article on how women from healthier populations prefer “feminine-looking men” was a pictured example of the latter with his face partially obscured, though it was obvious who the figure was: None other than newspaper heir Sulzberger. Says Michael Wolff in an article for Vanity Fair:

“Murdoch has a special understanding for how get under Sulzberger’s skin. In the past, Murdoch has taken particular delight when the New York Post’s “Page Six” has ridiculed Sulzberger—with Sulzberger calling Murdoch personally to protest. “Whinging,” is the word Murdoch uses for Sulzberger’s calls.”

We loook forward to hearing how the New York Times plans to retaliate…maybe with a piece about how old successful men tend to gravitate towards younger trophy wives in the twilight of their life?

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