WaPo Wonders If MSNBC Clinton Documentary Is “Covert-Op To Cause Paralytic Apoplexy” On The Right

In a scathing review, The Washington Post dismissed MSNBC‘s much touted Chris Matthews documentary of former President Bill Clinton as merely “a promotional film for someone who isn’t running for anything.” Given that “nothing new is revealed or reflected upon” it seems the rationale for this documentary is hard to understand other than merely having something to air on President’s Day and since, for Matthews at least, the subject was not former President Ronald Reagan.

The review noted:

“Matthews, aided by the likes of Terry McAuliffe, Mary Steenburgen and various biographers, remarks again and again how smart Clinton is, how generous, how famous, how friendly, how productive. Perhaps this special is some sort of MSNBC covert-op to cause paralytic apoplexy over there on the right?”

Knowing full well that a fawning hour of television dedicated to Clinton would enrage conservatives, might Keith Olbermann‘s absence make MSNBC and Matthews feel like they need more showy examples to retain the loyalty of their liberal viewers? With Matthews declaring Clinton is “part dignitary, part humanitarian, part politician, part international statesman, and somehow, greater than them all,” it seems like maybe he’s already willing to do what is necessary.

Check out the The Washington Post‘s full review.

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