Washington Post’s Carol Leonnig: Giuliani Called After We Posted Manafort Article to Correct Himself


On Thursday afternoon, news broke that Rudy Giuliani‘s client, President Donald Trump, asked about pardoning Paul Manafort just several weeks before the former campaign manager was convicted on a slew of bank and tax fraud charges.

However, after the story dropped, Giuliani said he was fuzzy on the details, correcting his version of events.

Washington Post reporter Carol Leonnig, who filed the report, talked on MSNBC tonight about a phone call she received from the attorney who “wanted to stress that he had remembered it imprecisely.”

“Actually, he feels like this conversation happened weeks earlier than he thought,” she said. “First he thought it was three to five weeks ago. He called back and said he thinks now maybe it was two months ago.”

But Leonnig said “a senior administration official believes that the president discussed this with his aides a few weeks ago,” which would agree with the initial timeline Giuliani had presented.

“I’m going to credit Rudy Giuliani in his last corrected statement in which he says to me that he believes it was quite a bit longer before the trial,” Leonnig added. “Now, Manafort was facing a lot of charges in a pretty damning case of tax evasion and bank fraud. It was fairly high odds that he was going to be convicted based on those charges and the evidence that the government had. But, again, I’m just going to let Giuliani say what he wants to say, which is that now he remembers it really probably was in June rather than in August.”

Leonnig avoided making any assumptions as to whether Trump had asked about a pardon with the intent of sending Manafort a message. According to Leonnig’s report, the president was advised against moving forward with the idea.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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