Who Said It? “Old Heroes Like… Robert E. Lee are Replaced by Dr. King and Cesar Chavez”


“One part of America loves her history, another reviles it as racist, imperialist and genocidal. Old heroes like Columbus, Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee are replaced by Dr. King and Cesar Chavez.”

Some hints:

  • In 2005, he won a “Strongest Backbone” award from PETA for his support of animal rights.
  • Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson once wrote, “I have, from the very beginning, admired [this person], who’s not even a writer. He knows how to use words. I read something the other day, and I totally disagreed with him. But you know, I was about to send him a note saying, ‘Good!'”
  • He has a semi-regular MSNBC segment lovingly (?) named after him.
  • He has been splashed with salad dressing for his controversial, outspoken beliefs.
  • It’s not Glenn Beck.

Who is it?

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