WorldNetDaily Blames Obama for WH Correspondent Dinner Snub


In between passing health care reform and negotiating a nuclear arms deal, President Obama influenced the White House Correspondents Association to deny conservative news outlet WorldNetDaily the three tables they requested for the annual dinner, WND is reporting in announcing their lawsuit.

“On information and belief, after the WHCA accepted WND’s order for one table for the event, the Obama administration and White House intervened and put pressure on the WHCA to reneg on even this commitment. As a result, and in an insulting manner, WND was then informed that it would only get three seats at the event, and not even its own table,” the group said in its lawsuit.

WND said it needed the tables because it is the anniversary of WND’s White House correspondent Les Kingsolvings tenure covering the White House and his daughter is launching a book to celebrate the achievement.  Although WND paid for three tables, they say the WHCA only gave the group one table for the annual nerd prom and now are cutting them back to just three seats at the “annual banquet in Washington, which has been described as being to the news industry what the Academy Awards are to Hollywood.”

WND is not the only outfit having trouble getting tickets to the event.  While not blaming Obama for the sleight, the Washington Examiner is reporting that Arianna Huffington is also unhappy with her allotment of tickets to the event. Like WND, Huffington Post requested three tables and started inviting celebrities including Bill Maher and Desiree Rogers. Unfortunately, Huff Post only got one table but have been given a few extra seats to keep everyone happy.

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