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Would You Pay $75 for Newsweek? If Not, Somebody Will

10524_159366441100_18343191100_3916411_1585713_nWould you pay $75 for a year’s worth of Newsweek? Well, it doesn’t matter becuase if you don’t then the new, smarter, richer Newsweek reader will. Or at least that’s the plan.

Amidst shouts on all sides that print is dying, that magazines are dead in the water, Newsweek has kept its eye on the ball and stuck to its plan for surviving this crisis — redesign the mag and the website, cultivate a more dynamic relationship between the two, lower the rate base, raise newsstand prices and subscription rates. In short: Don’t worry about newsstand numbers and appeal to a more dedicated reader; be more like The Economist.

And on Friday afternoon at The Post Company’s annual shareholders meeting in D.C., Ann McDaniel, managing director of Newsweek, added more detail to the title’s action plan: a year’s subscription to Newsweek could cost as much as as $75 by 2011.

Even if you wouldn’t dream of paying that much for a week’s worth of old news (a year of The Economist is $120, by the way), it’s probably worth every penny to somebody out there.

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