Ann Coulter Slams Trump For Hiring His Kids, Omarosa: Why Don’t You Pick Smarter People?


Amid emerging scandals plaguing President Donald Trump‘s White House over tapes of private conversations released by former adviser Omarosa Manigault Newman, conservative commentator Ann Coulter offered him some advice: hire smarter people.

In a Howie Carr Show interview Tuesday, guest host Steve Robinson asked Coulter what Manigault Newman was doing in the White House in the first place.

Coulter went on to argue the president should stop employing his family and friends, suggesting people like Jared Kushner and Trump’s daughter Ivanka had no grasp on politics. “The same question could be asked about Jared and Ivanka,” she said.

“On one hand he could hire people who are smart and know a lot about politics and supported his agenda but whom he’s only known since he adopted that agenda when he ran for president, or he could hire people with no experience in politics because he’s known them a long time, because you know then at least he’s gonna get loyalty,” Coulter said.

The possible advantage to that, she said, was that while “there may be no wall on the whole the whole government may be blowing up every single day,” Trump would be guaranteed “their loyalty.” But to her dismay, even that wasn’t the case.

“Nope, doesn’t have their loyalty either,” she said. “How about hiring smart people trying to help you?”

Coulter clarified that she wasn’t looking for a job in the White House, but was frustrated by the positions of power offered to former stars of The Apprentice, like Omarosa, and Trump’s family.

“You name all of the people who would’ve been so great in this White House and we’d have a wall by now, but no, it has to be people from The Apprentice and his kids,” Coulter said.

The president has again found himself the subject of controversy in recent days as Omarosa went public with recordings of her discussions with Chief of Staff John Kelly and Trump, who expressed shock over her firing. She now claims there is also audio of the president using the N-word, although no evidence has yet appeared.

Watch the clip above via the Howie Carr Show.

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