Caller Rips Into Rush Limbaugh for Nearly 8 Minutes Straight: ‘You’re an Imbecile, You’re an Idiot, You’re a Jack*ss’


A caller named Geno was not at all happy with Rush Limbaugh and he let him know it for nearly 8 minutes straight.

And it was all because Limbaugh told his audience to be “problem solvers.”

“Rush, I’m very disappointed in you and in fact, quite honestly, I’m angry with you because of what you told that lady two days ago and what you told the other call today earlier today in the program,” Geno from the Bronx said. ” You’re advising us, your loyal audience for 30 years, that have stood by you and that have made you the ‘Moses of conservatism.’ You are now telling us that we should call ourselves ‘problem solvers’ rather than conservatives so that we can try to get the political power that we need.”

Geno was just getting warmed up.

“You’re an imbecile, you’re an idiot, you’re a jackass and you’re gonna help destroy our country from within, if we listen to the crap that you’re trying to tell us,” he said stressing you got to get in people’s faces before insisting that there was no such thing as being transgender or “37 different flavors of sexism.”

At one point, Limbaugh tried to defend himself.

“You have drawn a whole lot of conclusions here that are nowhere near true,” Limbaugh said, not helping to defuse the situation at all. “I have not backed down from anything. I’ve never backed down from anything. I’m not advocating that you back down. I’m not telling you to stop talking about them the way you want to talk about them. I’m not telling you not to get in their face and if you think they’re a bunch of reprobate rats, tell ’em so. That’s all. I’m just talking about the label. I’m not telling you to not be conservative, Geno.”

Things just got more heated from there as talk veered into Bronx Bolsheviks, liberal maggots, Johnny Carson and why Limbaugh was so, so wrong.

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