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Chuck Todd Slams Bill Clinton For Never Apologizing to Monica Lewinsky: ‘His Carnal Needs…Ruined A Woman’s Life’

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd and CNN’s Jake Tapper discussed former president Bill Clinton on Todd’s 1947: Meet the Press podcast Thursday — reflecting on how Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky demonstrated “lack of character” in office.

“I understand why people at the time were upset,” Tapper said. “I understood it then, but now, having kids, I understand it much more because it’s a horrible example because he’s setting the example of somebody who uses women for his own personal pleasure.”

“From Monica Lewinsky’s public statements, you sense that she’s just now kind of coming to grips with the relevance of her story to the #MeToo movement,” he added.

“It galls me that the former president hasn’t even simply apologized to her for ruining her life,” Todd replied. “Her life is never the same. He ruined it; he got to move on.”

“I’ve never understood… why he couldn’t simply apologize to her,” he continued. “He owes it to her. She cannot live a normal life because of his, whatever you want to call it. Whatever it is.”

“His crude needs,” Tapper offered.

“Yeah, his carnal needs,” Todd agreed, “and he ruined a woman’s life.”

“I understand those that rationalize what they’re doing with Trump [and adult film star Stormy Daniels] right now with that, but that’s when you want to ask people, wait a minute. Remember that two wrongs don’t make a right,” he added.

Listen above, via MSNBC.

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