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Dan Abrams: Did Matt Whitaker Tip Trump Off About Mueller’s Report?

ABC News chief legal analyst and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams speculated that former acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker may have “tipped off” Donald Trump as to the contents of Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s report.

On Monday’s edition of Sirius XM’s The Dan Abrams Show, Abrams delved into some of the ways in which Trump has railed against the Mueller investigation, including saying, just last week, that there “should be no Mueller report.”

But over the weekend, Abrams noted, Trump tweeted that he “told leadership to let all Republicans vote for transparency” on the non-binding House resolution to demand the release of the Mueller report, which passed the House 420-0, but was blocked in the Senate by Lindsey Graham.

“Why would the president suddenly be supporting transparency for something that he doesn’t think should exist?” Abrams wondered, adding “It’s got to make you wonder whether Matt Whitaker has tipped him off.”

“You have to wonder, did Matt Whitaker tell President Trump something that has led him to exude this kind of confidence in making a report that he doesn’t think should exist be made public,” Abrams continued, adding that it’s also possible that current AG William Barr tipped Trump off, but added “I doubt it, I find it hard to believe that Barr is tipping him off, it could be.”

“The potential tip-off could be Mueller has decided that he can’t indict a sitting president, and if he can’t indict a sitting president, he’s going to do what prosecutors do, which is not say anything else about it,” Abrams continued. “That’s it. And if Trump gets that information and then uses it to say, ‘Yeah I told leadership to vote for transparency,’ I cannot think of another explanation For why this president, who has been railing against the Muller report, would vote for transparency.”

Listen to the clip above, via Sirius XM’s POTUS channel.

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