Dan Abrams: Mueller Report Will Be ‘Far Worse’ Than Public or President Expects


ABC News chief legal analyst and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams says the Mueller report could turn out to be a lot worse for Donald Trump than people think. Worse than the President and his staff think, too, says Abrams, citing both what may be revealed, and the timing and manner in which it has been revealed.

On his Sirius XM radio show on Monday, Abrams put down his marker on the eventual revelations from the public release of the report being damaging to Trump.

“Here’s what I think, and I will be held accountable for this prediction,” said Abrams. “I think the Mueller report on obstruction is going to be far worse than the public, even the President expects.”

“I believe that the Mueller report will lay out a lot of reasons why Mueller believes the president obstructed justice. Some of them we don’t know about,” he said. “Even in Barr’s letter he refers to the fact that ‘many’ of the actions took place in public view, which means some of them did not.”

Abrams, citing language from Barr’s initial four page letter and then his follow up to Congress, argued that Mueller will lay out in detail that he only didn’t reach a conclusion on indictment because a sitting president can’t be indicted. “That’s not only not an exoneration,” said Abrams, it would be the Mueller report stating that Trump came close to, or did, obstruct justice.

“I think it’s going to have a lot of things damning to the President,” said Abrams.

Abrams also argued that it’s worse for the president because of the timing. With the question of obstruction left ambiguous in the very public release of Barr’s letter, because he’s now gone public and touted being exonerated. Abrams said its “arguably worse” for the President than if those pieces of information had come out simultaneously.

“Mark my words,” he said. “Damning evidence of obstruction and Mueller will have specifically referred to the fact that sitting president can’t be indicted.”

Listen to the clip above, courtesy of The Dan Abrams Show on SiriusXM.

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