Eric Trump Defends His Father’s ‘Horseface’ Barb Against Stormy Daniels: ‘He’s a Counterpuncher…I’m Proud of Him’


First Son Eric Trump is not at all upset with the President of the United States calling Stormy Daniels “horseface.”

In fact, he is proud his POTUS father is such a counter-puncher.

Speaking on The Joe Pags Show on Tuesday evening, the Trump son was asked about his dad Donald Trump‘s penchant for ad hominem attacks, including his recent “horseface” barb aimed at Daniels and disparaging remarks made about Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who he regularly calls “Pocohantas.”

“He’s a fighter – he’s a counter-puncher when somebody does something that he thinks is dishonest or unethical or not right or however you want to classify both of those individuals,” Eric Trump replied.

He also joined in on the Warren-bashing.

“Here, Elizabeth Warren lied about her ancestry to try to get a job and to get into college,” the Trump son continued on. “It’s disgusting. It’s absolutely disgusting. We should expect so much more and people should be called out for it.”

The First Son also suggested fighting back was simply in his dad’s DNA and that’s why the senior Trump just keeps winning.

“Is that sometimes to his detriment? Probably,” Eric Trump further opined. “But I don’t know how you change somebody’s DNA. We didn’t have a fighter in the White House for a long, long time. And it’s nice to have a fighter there again. That’s why we’re winning these type of wars.”

Listen above, via The Joe Pags Show

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