Joe diGenova Slams James Comey Over Email Probe: ‘What He Did To Hillary Clinton Was Criminal’


Hillary Clinton has support from an unlikely source – almost-Trump-lawyer Joe DiGenova.

DiGenova spoke to Mediaite founder and ABC News Chief Legal Affairs Anchor Dan Abrams on his Sirius XM radio show about how DiGenova thought former FBI director James Comey‘s handling of the probe into Clinton’s emails was clumsy and selfish.

“I must say that Mr. Comey conducted himself just awfully in that,” DiGenova said. “And of course the IG’s report… will deal precisely with what he did on that July 5 day and everything before that.”

“But you’re conflating two issues,” Abrams said. “You’re sort of attacking Comey while getting to beat up Hillary Clinton at the same time.”

“So what?” DiGenova shot back.

“What Comey was doing was defending publicly his decision not to indict Hillary Clinton,” Abrams replied.

“It wasn’t his decision to make,” said DiGenova. “If he had no trust in [Attorney General] Loretta Lynch, all he had to do was call Sally Yates, the deputy attorney general, but he didn’t do that, and the reason he didn’t do that was because he wanted to be the center of attention.”

Abrams contended that Comey’s decision hurt Clinton, a point on which DiGenova, surprisingly, hastened to agree.

“Listen, you will never find me defending what he did to Hillary Clinton,” he said. “Hillary Clinton was severely harmed by what James Comey did to her and for that alone President Obama should have fired him that day.”

“Comey violated every known ethical and regulatory standard of the Department of Justice, and now he presents himself as this paragon of virtue and rectitude,” he continued. “What crap. What he did to Hillary Clinton was criminal.”

Listen above, via Sirius XM.

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