Mark Levin Completely Loses it on Mediaite For Counting the 18 Times He Called Pelosi ‘Fascist’


Minutes after Mediaite published an article detailing the 18 times Fox News host Mark Levin called Nancy Pelosi a “fascist” on his radio show, Levin went on an unhinged, and yes, inaccurate, rant objecting to the article, and insulting its author.

Levin — who hosts a Sunday evening show on Fox News called Life, Liberty, and Levin — vented Thursday night, but did not dispute the facts in the article.

“This Tommy Christopher is such a low IQ buffoon, he doesn’t, he doesn’t even get it,” Levin said. “Eighteen times in an hour, Levin called Pelosi a fascist. Tell me Tommy, if that is your name, tell me Tommy, how many times on MSNBC has the president been referred to as Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, a racist, an anti-Semite, or white supremacist? Can you count that high Tommy?”

Trump has been compared, to various degrees, with Hitler on MSNBC, but not 18 times in one hour and Mediaite has reported most of those instances. Trump has been compared to Joseph Stalin, mainly for his frequent use of the Stalinist phrase “Enemy of the people” to describe the press.

Searches of Mediaite for “Trump white supremacist” return results such as “Trump Plugs His Charlottesville Winery After Defending White Supremacist Rally.

A search of “Nancy Pelosi” and “fascist” only turns up one relevant result, the Levin article. But it also returns articles like “Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld: Cory Booker Would Be a Great Fascist, Stasi Agent” and “Trump Dismisses His Retweet of a Mussolini Quote: ‘What Difference Does It Make?’”

“Your boss, what’s your boss, what’s his name again?” Levin asked during his rant. The site’s founder and owner is Dan Abrams.

“Abrams? Rich? Rick?” Levin asked. The site’s founder and owner is Dan Abrams.

“Dan Abrams has invited me on his podcast, I won’t go on his podcast because he hires nudniks like Tommy Christopher,” Levin said.  A “Nudnik” is “a person who is a bore or nuisance,” according to Merriam-Webster. Fair enough.

He ranted for several more minutes, claiming that the author of the post, Tommy Christopher, who is me, said: “You can’t call nasty Nancy Pelosi a fascist.”

The article states no such thing but simply notes that “Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, which under the United States Constitution is a coequal branch of government,” a fact that Levin does not dispute.

If nothing else, Levin’s angst at an article that merely quoted him accurately appears to embody the phrase res ipsa loquitur.

Update: Levin spent a good chunk of the remainder of his show going off on Tommy Christopher and Mediaite, as well. He called Mr. Christopher (who is me) a “little puke” and Googled a photo of him.

“Complete dork,” Levin assessed. “Now I don’t have anything against dorks, per se. But he’s absolute, you know, he’s the poster boy of dorks. You folks can Google that yourself and take a look.”

Levin also revealed that he had hoped to “hook” someone with his rant about Pelosi, but was disappointed that it wasn’t “somebody like Chris Cuomo or Don Lemon or Jake [Tapper, presumably], nah, it’s Tommy Christopher, who I’m sure is going to have a long and great career in journalism. Yes, bringing editors and producers their coffee.”

The Facts: At 6 feet tall and about 200 lbs., Mr. Christopher is, if anything, a medium-to-large “puke.”

Photos of Mr. Christopher suggest an affinity for Trilby hats and knowing smirks. We rate this claim “Guilty as charged.”

Mr. Christopher has been a journalist for 12 years, and was a White House correspondent for nine years. He has reportedly never fetched coffee, but would be happy to if ever asked. We rate this claim “Huh?”

Listen to the updated clips above, via The Mark Levin Show.

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