Mike Huckabee Defends Trump from Ann Coulter: If She Has the Solution, ‘Let Her Run for Office’


President Donald Trump‘s weekend proposal for an immigration deal was panned by Ann Coulter, who compared him to Jeb Bush. Today Mike Huckabee came to POTUS’ defense and said Coulter should run for office if she has the answer.

Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade brought up Coulter’s criticisms on his radio show today and argued, “You just can’t govern without giving in. And it gave conservatives––even though you’re a conservative––there’s not enough conservatives for you to win the presidency. You can’t govern just for conservatives.”

Huckabee remarked, “If she’s got the way to get it done, let her run for office. She’s never done that, so she’s never had to be in the position of having to sit down and work through something to a solution.”

He defended Trump’s position and said there are some “reasonable” concessions for him to make.

Kilmeade asked, “Why do you think the president cares so much what Ann Coulter thinks?”

“Well, I know he doesn’t want people to go out and try to stir up his base against him. And I’m not sure why she would, because she’s gotta deep down know that he can’t just be arbitrary,” Huckabee responded. “He’s not a dictator, he’s a president, he’s got to work within the confines of getting something through two houses of Congress, one where he doesn’t have 60 votes to beat the filibuster and the other where Nancy Pelosi is in charge.”

You can listen above, via Fox News Radio.

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