MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance Goes Off on Trump and Fox News Over Vaccines: ‘It’s a National Security Risk!’


MSNBC national security analyst Malcolm Nance and SiriusXM host Dean Obeidallah discussed the effect that former President Donald Trump and Fox News have had on vaccine hesitancy.

On Friday’s edition of The Dean Obeidallah Show, the host talked with Nance about Fox News’ vaccine coverage, which Obeidallah has criticized recently in op-eds, including one in which he revealed he’s filed a complaint against the network with the Federal Trade Commission.

Dean: Is there a national security risk to Fox News convincing people not to get vaccinated? Because that’s their goal, sometimes they are lying, sometimes they’re just hyping fears about it, literally saying things that, Jeannine Pirro literally said on their air that they are coming to your door about the vaccine, but they’re really there to take your guns, that’s what it’s about. Literally saying crazy crap like that, but it might sound crazy to us but they know the buttons they are pushing. They are making this not just I don’t want the vaccine, but vaccine hostility towards those people.

So from your point of view, I saw you retweet something that said “What’s the moral difference between convincing someone to be a suicide bomber versus convincing them to be a lethal disease vector?” So what’s your view?

Malcolm: Is there a national security risk? Yes! There’s a national security risk, we have a foreign adversary in Russia and China–to a certain extent– who would rather see the United States as a sick and weak nation.

And they’ve managed to help convince — with their number one surrogate, which is Donald Trump — 30% of this country not to get vaccinated. And let me tell you something, that has been documented, they [Russia and China] have been screaming this left and right that it was a hoax. While Donald Trump gets his secret vaccination telling people that you know “the liberals want you to get vaccinated,” while Fox News put up a mandatory vaccination policy with a vaccination passport in which you cannot enter the doors of their buildings if you have not been vaccinated.

As people start to get sick and die and we go through a fourth unnecessary spike in coronavirus in the United States–a pandemic of the unvaccinated– this nation becomes weaker, morally weaker, physically weaker. Our life expectancy dropped 1.5 years right off the top and greater I think it was six years off African Americans.

Fox News does have what it calls a “FOX Clear Pass,” but unvaccintated employess can also return to work under these conditions:  “Unvaccinated employees must continue to comply with all of FOX’s COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines, including social distancing and mask-wearing at work unless an exception applies (e.g., they are alone in an office).”

And while Fox News has received intense criticism for its — often factually wrong — coverage undermining the vaccines, the network has recently engaged in a conspicuous effort to promote vaccinations that earned thanks from President Joe Biden.

Nance is correct that life expectancy dropped 1.5 years during Covid in 2020, and that drop was nearly triple among Black Americans what it was for whites, but it was 2.9 years for Black people versus 1,2 years for whites, not six years.

Watch the clip above, via SiriusXM.

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