Rush Limbaugh Says Trump Told Him He Will Shut Down Government if Wall Doesn’t Get Funded


Rush Limbaugh said he got a personal message from President Donald Trump reassuring him that he would veto any funding bill and shut down the government if lawmakers didn’t agree to border security funding.

“I just got a phone call — well, I got an instant message, it’s the equivalent of you getting a phone call, because that’s how people communicate with me,” Limbaugh said on his radio show Thursday. He said he received a “direct message” that read:

“You tell Rush that if there’s no money in this, it’s getting vetoed. If there’s no money for a wall I’m vetoing this plain and simple.”

Minutes later the talk show host said he “received clearance” to explain himself further: “The president has gotten word to me that he is either getting funding for the border or he’s shutting the whole thing down.”

Limbaugh was one of the most vocal critics of a continuing resolution that avoided a government shutdown but denied funding for a border wall. Facing mounting pressure, Trump decided on Thursday he would not be signing a bill that did not allocate funds towards border security.

Listen above.

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