Sean Spicer Bashes Dems ‘Going So Far Crazy to the Left,’ They’re In a Socialist Rush to Give Away the Most Stuff

Just after the release of his new memoir on his time as President Donald Trump‘s press secretary, Sean Spicer offered a grim prediction for upcoming elections, claiming the liberals are becoming too extreme to take back the White House.

“From a political, short-term perspective, it’s good because they’re going so far crazy to the left, I think it makes it easier to run against them,” Spicer told SiriusXM host David Webb in an interview that aired Tuesday.

However, while Spicer felt such a shift within the Democratic party might work to the advantage of republicans, he was worried about the future.

“What concerns me is the long-term effect,” he said. “That at some point, the idea that some of these things that they’re proposing are anathema to what I think this country was founded on and about, in terms of, they’re moving towards true socialism.”

Spicer called the change, exemplified by the popularity of New York’s Democratic congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who has embraced socialist ideals, “unhealthy for our government, and frankly, unsustainable.”

“Everything can’t be free, he added. “I think for the democrats, that’s where they’re headed right now is a rush to see who can give away more stuff.”

Watch the clip above via SirusXM Patriot.

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