Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper Says ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ is ‘Good Joke’ and ‘Clever’


The Daily Show‘s Jordan Klepper told SiriusXM host Dean Obeidallah that chants of “Let’s go Brandon!” — meant to denigrate President Joe Biden — are funny and “clever”… but maybe a bit too clever.

On Friday’s edition of The Dean Obeidallah Show, the host asked Klepper about the chants, a reference to a viral moment in which a reporter mistook chants of “F*ck Joe Biden!” for encouragement of NASCAR driver Brandon Brown.

Obeidallah and Klepper agreed they had to credit the humor of the chant, but their praise was qualified:

Dean: It’s so funny how in your face the Trumpers are with their flags, and the middle fingers and their chants. But instead of saying “FU Joe Biden” they say, “Let’s go Brandon” and I’m like: why you being PC here?! I actually love and I think in America you should be able to say “FU” the president whomever the president is. I’m actually fine if they were just chanting “FU Biden” at their rallies instead of “Let’s go Brandon.”

Jordan: Dean, it’s their first good joke. Let them have it…

Dean. It is. It accidentally happened. It is funny.

Jordan: It accidentally happened. They grabbed on to it and you know what: That’s a clever, fun way of doing that. So let him have it. Hilariously enough, it dilutes their very clear message. It feels like it was created in a progressive think tank, where you are like, “oh yeah, it’s clever but it’s probably not very effective.” And now the Republicans are using it: God bless.

Dean: Wait till the RNC convention it’s going to be all: “Let’s go Brandon!”

Watch above via SiriusXM.

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