WV Sen Candidate Blankenship’s Latest Ad is Another Doozy: They’re Calling Me a ‘Moron’ and ‘Mentally Ill’


West Virginia candidate for Senate Don Blankenship continued his crazy ad crusade Monday — releasing a radio spot denouncing people calling him a “racist,” a “bigot,” and a “moron.”

Wethinks the Blankenship doth protest too much, because he’s really gone off the rails in this ad.

“The establishment politicians are getting desperate and more hostile,” Blankenship begins in the ad. “They’re calling me a bigot, a moron, a despicable character, and mentally ill.”

“But even if all this is true,” he continues…

… Okay, wait. We’ll pause for a second so you can absorb that.

You’re welcome. Moving on.

“I will do a better job than they have done. They have resorted to this childish name-calling because they don’t want us to focus on the issues.”

He briefly lists the issues he believes West Virginians need to focus on — such as job creation — but then turns back to the backlash he’s received.

“The fake news is also pretending to be offended by my use of the words ‘China people,'” he said. (If you’re unfamiliar with Blankenship’s use of the term, have a look at this.) “They seem not to realize that China is a country, not a race.”

“The establishment has given millions of our jobs to China people and left many West Virginia people to fend for themselves,” he adds.

Listen to the full ad above, if only to be assured that yes, this is real life.

[image via screengrab]

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