Aaron Rodgers Thumbs Nose at ‘Woke PC Culture’ for Mischaracterizing Him After Interaction with Bears Fans


Aaron Rodgers has no regrets about his “I own you” rant directed at Chicago Bears fans, but he was surprised to see it spread like wildfire this week.

Maybe because his 22-5 career record against the Chicago Bears proves he does own them? The quarterback might have been surprised, but he blames the reaction to his fan interaction on “the state of our culture…this woke PC culture.”

“There’s a PC woke culture that exists,” Rodgers told Pat McAfee Tuesday afternoon. “And there’s a cancel culture at the same time and it’s based on people’s own feelings of maybe personal miserability or distaste for their own situations or life or just the enjoyment of holding other people down underneath their thumb.”

Rodgers explained that he was the target of that “PC woke culture” earlier this year, when he took time during the offseason to get in the right frame of mind and it was characterized as “selfish and entitled.

Rodgers public persona has changed in the last year, with the three-time MVP winner being less of a recluse and much more willing to fire back at criticism. While he was blasted by some as being “selfish” for missing minicamp, the Packers organization was equally lambasted for letting their relationship with Rodgers deteriorate.

“Pick a topic, from my family to my leadership style…they run with these stories and when I respond to it…then I’m being sensitive,” Rodgers explained on SiriusXM’s Pat McAfee Show, adding that he’s able to ignore all of it.

“There’s a game within the game,” the Packers quarterback continued. “If the player abides by the rules of the game, he’s part of the game. The rules of the game are you must acquiesce with the woke mob at all times. However, when you live above the game, the game does not exist and that’s where I’m at.”

Watch above via The Pat McAfee Show

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