comScore Dave Portnoy Called 'Traitor' for Meeting with Jack Dorsey

Barstool’s Dave Portnoy Lashes Out After Being Called ‘Traitor’ By Trump Fans for Dining with Twitter CEO: ‘People Are Always So F*cking Political’


Dave Portnoy sent social media into a tizzy last week when the Barstool Sports founder posted a picture with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Now we know what happened during their meeting that ticked off the “Trump crowd.”

Crypto talk. Because according to Portnoy, Dorsey is a “huge Bitcoin guy. Huge.”

“[Dorsey] actually said, if he could like get a job where you know he is working Bitcoin full time, he’s so confident in it he’d like stop everything else and just work on Bitcoin,” the Barstool founder explained during The Dave Portnoy Show with Eddie & Co. “He is as bullish on Bitcoin as anybody I’ve ever heard.”

“This guy is pro, pro, pro Bitcoin.” Portnoy reiterated.

The photo of Portnoy and Dorsey was surprising to many Stoolies, considering the Barstool founder stormed Twitter headquarters five years ago in search of a blue checkmark. But it was also surprising to a lot of Donald Trump supporters, disappointed to see Portnoy mingling with Dorsey as he keeps the former president from having a prominent social media platform.

Despite receiving a ton of hate messages for dining with the person behind kicking Trump off Twitter, Portnoy didn’t care.

“People were big mad,” Portnoy said about his meeting with Dorsey. “They’re like ‘you’re a traitor,’ people are always so f*cking political, I always say I’m not political, but people refuse to believe it. But they’re mad, the Trump crowd, because he kicked Trump off Twitter.”

“I don’t care,” Portnoy added. “He’s obviously a genius.”

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