Clyde Frazier Dings LeBron James for Snubbing Team: ‘He Doesn’t Really Care’

Knicks announcer Walt “Clyde” Frazier spared no words when he reamed out Los Angeles Laker’s LeBron James for not showing team spirit during a game with the Knicks on Sunday.

During a break in the action, James took a seat far away from his teammates.

Frazier said that was signaling James just didn’t care.

“This type of behavior … when you’re the face of the NBA, you should be more a part of your team, folks,” Frazier said.

He then added it didn’t matter what James was thinking, he needed to portray someone willing to be part of the team.

“No matter what is going on. In the public, you gotta be a part of the team,” Frazier continued on. “Maybe in the locker room you’re not, but you have to exude that type of togetherness in public, folks. And right now we see he doesn’t really care.”

It is not the first time James has been criticized for not sitting with his team. Back in February during a frustrating 42 point loss to the Pacers, James also sat alone.

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