Deadspin Roasted for Calling Sage Steele the ‘Black Candace Owens’: ‘Isn’t Candace Owens the Actual Black Candace Owens?’

Deadspin roasted for Sage Steele, Candace Owens headline

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Deadspin slammed ESPN sportscaster Sage Steele as their No. 6 “idiot of the year,” but the initial story came with an idiotic headline of their own.

“IDIOT OF THE YEAR #6: Sage Steele, the Black Candace Owens,” Deadspin tweeted and published according to numerous Twitter accounts that took a screenshot and shared the outrageous headline. The botched headline would imply that Candace Owens is not Black, which is of course a false statement.

The tweet has since been deleted and Deadspin dropped “Black” from their corrected headline which now reads, “IDIOT OF THE YEAR #6: Sage Steele, the Candace Owens of ESPN.”

The comparison to Owens is not new for Steele. Owens is Black and Steele is bi-racial, but both offer controversial conservative political opinions. In October, Steele joined former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler on his podcast and offered a big smile when the comparison to Owens was mentioned.

“I respect the hell out of Candace Owens,” Steele told Cutler. “Because whether you agree or not, she doesn’t give a crap what you think, and she’s going to say what’s on her mind.”

As far as being Deadspin’s No. 6 “idiot of the year,” the publication focused on Steele’s assessment of Covid and her vaccine hesitancy in 2021. During the interview with Cutler, Steele lashed out at ESPN’s vaccine mandate and acknowledged she received the jab reluctantly.

Shortly after the interview, ESPN decided Steele should take some time off. The decision proved necessary, as Steele ironically tested positive for Covid days after she blasted ESPN’s mandate. Steele returned to ESPN in October and continues to anchor the network’s noon edition of SportsCenter.

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