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Garth Brooks Got Slammed For Wearing Bernie Sanders Shirt (It Was a Barry Sanders Jersey)


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Garth Brooks sparked outrage on Instagram this week for wearing a Barry Sanders jersey, confusing some fans who thought the singer-songwriter was endorsing Democratic candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders. 

Brooks was honoring the legendary former Detroit Lions football player during a Detroit concert at Ford Field. Both Brooks and Barry Sanders are also Oklahoma State University alumni.

Brooks showed off his jersey in an Instagram post following the concert. Enraged fans and followers confused the name “Sanders” and the jersey number “20” for an endorsement of the Bernie Sanders 2020 presidential campaign.


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Detroit You carried me all night long But you always have I’m in love with you! love, g #GARTHinDETROIT

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The furious responses include:

“Good grief. Can’t you just do what you get paid to do ???? Why why why does it have to involve politics !!!”

“Nothing like supporting a communist to loss a few fans! How about going to a successful socialist country and doing some research? Oh yes, you can’t because there aren’t ANY successful socialist countries!”

“If this is for Bernie Sanders, I’m done with you. I thought you were a true American that loves Our Country?”

“Sorry Garth.. don’t think so. Just stick to music.”

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