Ken Jeong Frightens ESPN with Hilarious Shoutout to His Wife on GameDay: ‘That’s Her Last Name, RELAX’


Ken Jeong joined ESPN’s College GameDay as a guest picker over the weekend, where he hilariously rendered the set speechless, while briefly sending network executives into a state of panic.

When it was time for the GameDay crew to make their picks for Saturday’s late-night contest between UCLA and Utah in Salt Lake City, the comedian looked beyond his football prowess and relied on loyalty for his selection. But he did so by giving his wife an amazing shout out on the live broadcast.

“I’m going UCLA because my wife went to UCLA medical school.” The comedian said, as he looked into the camera and continued, “Shout out, Tran. You complete me, Ho!”

GameDay’s Rece Davis, Kirk Herbstreit, Lee Corso and Desmond Howard were stunned, clearly finding the comment funny, but also unsure how they were supposed to react on the Disney-owned sports network.

“That’s her last name,” Jeong clarified. “Relax, ESPN. How dare you.”

The camera quickly pointed to Corso, whose face was smiling as his eyes were in shock. “Great pick, UCLA. Great pick,” Corso said as he tried to keep the show’s focus on football. “How do you top that,” the GameDay lifer added as he turned to Herbstreit.

“Did he say what I think he said on the backend there?” Herbstreit asked as the entire panel erupted with laughter.

Yes, Jeong is married to Tran Ho and the comedian has used her name to his comedic advantage in the past. His 2019 Netflix special was even titled You Complete Me, Ho!

Watch above via ESPN

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