Knicks Fans Devastated After Missing Out on Star Free Agents–But None More Than Stephen A. Smith


Stephen A Smith Unhappy With Knicks

Fans of the New York Knicks had a tough Sunday night–somewhat of an understatement as the team apparently missed out on the chance to sign star Kevin Durant and other top players.

To add insult to injury, multiple star free agents like Durant and Kyrie Irving were locked up by the New York Nets. The Nets play just a borough over from the Knicks in New York City.

To add further insult to injury was the implication that the Knicks could have signed Durant if not for team owner James Dolan’s concern over an injury that led them to not offer a max contract.

Perhaps no one was as unhappy as commentator Stephen A. Smith, who took to both television and his personal Twitter to express his frustration.

“I just finished crying!” Smith said in a tweet.

Fans, critics and commentators across Twitter also had plenty to say.

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