UPDATE: Leslie Jones’ Epic Olympic Live Tweeting Got Her Invited to Rio by NBC, And She’s Going

Other than the stunning displays of sheer athleticism, Leslie Jones is the best part of the 2016 Summer Olympics. She is a huge fan of Team USA and since the games started she’s been Tweeting up a storm to show her support. Of course, the Ghostbusters star’s Tweets are hilarious:

She makes watching the Olympics way better and certainly much more exciting, and we’re extremely glad she’s back on Twitter after taking a short hiatus at the end of July due to bullying.

Her Tweets have gotten so much attention, NBC producer Mike Shoemaker is trying to get Jones to actually comment on the games for NBC:

Jones is debating it:

Our vote is YES. But only if all of her commentary comes in the form of a ten-second video clip and 140 characters. We would not want to give these Tweets up for anything.

Update: Leslie Jones has spoken:

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