New York Radio Host Unhinged After Mets Players Boo Back at the Crowd: ‘You LOSERS…You CLOWN!’


New York Mets fans were livid Sunday, after being made aware a number of the team’s players were sending the crowd a subliminal message at Citi Field in Queens. One of the angriest fans happened to have a microphone in front of him for four hours Monday morning on sports radio station WFAN.

The sports controversy emerged when Mets players were seen giving a thumbs-down gesture after big hits. Following their victory over the Washington Nationals, All-Star infielder Javy Baez was asked about the gesture by reporters.

“To let [the fans] know when we don’t get success we’re going to get booed, so they are going to get booed when we have success,” Baez said.

Mets outfielder Kevin Pillar and $300 million shortstop Francisco Lindor joined Baez with the thumbs-down gesture. Filling in on WFAN’s morning show, night time host Sal Licata spoke for thousands of Mets fans who were outraged by the thumbs-down offense.

“This guy Lindor, it’s EVERYBODY else. It’s the fans’ fault. It’s the media’s fault,” Licata yelled. “They wanna pick a fight with the fans, meanwhile they can’t pick a fight with the Nationals…YOU LOSERS! You’re trying to take on the fans?!”

“Baez – I won’t even waste my breath,” Licata ranted before wasting his breath. “ Take your league leading strikeouts ELSEWHERE YOU CLOWN! You’re gonna join the party? What has he played 10 games? You’re gonna tell us about New York Javy Baez? SEE YA! Good riddance! Thumbs-down to you, other fingers to you!”

Picking a fight with fans rarely ends well for players and teams. That’s not to say there aren’t times fans depict a false sense of entitlement and cross lines by screaming offensive insults from afar. Those instances should be spotlighted and handled accordingly.

But with this current controversy – we’re talking about booing and a thumbs down. Neither party did anything to make this relationship irreparable. When a team with a $200 million payroll is stuck in a deplorable losing streak, fans are going to boo. Players who make hundreds of millions of dollars still have feelings.

The beauty of sports fandom is that they’re quick to cheer as soon as the losing flips. But if Licata is any indication, it might some take time before Mets fans are willing to come back around.

Watch above via CBS Sports Network.

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