Peyton Manning Hilariously Trolls the Patriots on Monday Night Football By Dredging Up Spygate: They ‘Bugged’ My Locker


For the second consecutive week, the Peyton Manning and Eli Manning Monday Night Football alternate telecast is generating far more buzz than the main feed (although that attention didn’t translate to ratings in Week 1). One moment from the first half has gotten an outsized amount of attention — as Peyton hilariously trolled his most storied rivals.

During the first quarter of Monday’s game between the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions, Peyton went after the New England Patriots by invoking the infamous Spygate scandal by facetiously saying that the Packers were eavesdropping on the brothers Manning.

“I feel like the Packers were listening to Eli, you and I, our conversation on Friday about how they have to come out and run the ball,” Peyton said. “I think our conversation was bugged. You know, kind of like the Patriots used to do back in the day.”

Eli — himself having defeated New England twice in the Super Bowl — was a gleeful co-conspirator, as he mischievously prodded his brother to go further in his trolling of the Pats.

“I remember we played the Patriots in that second Super Bowl in Indianapolis, and they practiced at your facility all week,” Eli said. “Were you a little nervous going back into your facility the next year that they didn’t have, like, cameras in your quarterback room?”

Peyton, concealing a smile, went on to accuse the Patriots of chicanery.

“Every time I played against New England I used to go and talk to my receivers like in the shower, in the far corner,” Peyton replied. “I’m like ‘Don’t talk about a play next to my locker because I know it’s bugged.’ I know it’s got a hot mic in there. We were in the shower. Very strange to see seven guys hanging out back there in the shower, but take all precautions out there.”

Indeed, just two weeks into their run, the Manning brothers have delivered one of the most unique, unfiltered sports broadcasts in recent memory. We’re very much here for it. And if Peyton Manning is to be believed, so too are the Patriots.

Watch above, via ESPN2.

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