Ryan Seacrest Met NFL Star Aaron Rodgers…But Didn’t Know Who He Was

aaron rogersEven for those of us who don’t follow sports at all (I consider this weekend’s event mainly a Lady Gaga concert where other stuff may also be happening), Aaron Rogers is a recognizable face. He’s in seemingly every commercial on TV right now, and he has a relatively high-profile relationship with Olivia Munn. He doesn’t exactly keep a low profile.

That’s what makes it so surprising that when another very recognizable fellow by the name of Ryan Seacrest had no idea who he was when he ran into him.

On his radio show On Air with Ryan Seacrest, he mentioned that he was at Ellen Degeneres‘s party and went to the bar to get a drink. Rogers came over to Seacrest and told him he’s a fan, to which he said “Thanks, I’m Ryan.”

Rogers then said, “Oh, I’m Aaron.”

Seacrest then asked Rogers what he does for a living.

Yep. He explained that he didn’t know because “he had a helmet on when I saw him the first time.”

Seacrest said there were no hard feelings. “He could tell I was being honest and I really didn’t put it all together… These guys look different when they’re not in uniform.”

Whoops! Listen to the audio above via iHeartRadio.

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