Sh*t Didnt Hit the Fans! Washington Football Team Insists the Crowd Wasn’t Being Dumped on by Sewage Water


FedEx Field crowd has water dumped on them

As Washington Football Team owner Daniel Snyder casually scopes out sites for a new stadium, he might want to think about addressing the repeated leaks from his current one.

And not just the leaks that led to Jon Gruden’s ousting from the Las Vegas Raiders, but literal leaks that have fans repeatedly asking if sewage water is being dumped on them while watching a game.

During the Washington Football Team’s Monday night matchup with the Seattle Seahawks, fans at FedEx Field scrambled as water poured down on them. If this story sounds familiar that’s because it is, the WFT crowd was rained on by an unknown substance for the second time this season.

In September, the crowd panicked as they believed a burst sewage pipe was dumping poop water on them. Monday night, similar panic set in as another water disaster filled a FedEx Field luxury suite.

After the first incident, a team spokesperson claimed it was not sewage being dumped on fans, it was just rainwater – despite the fact that it was not raining. Monday night, a team spokesperson again had to assure fans they were not being rained on by sewage, telling Washington Post reporter Nicki Jhabvala the issue was caused by a sprinkler.

FedEx Field opened in 1997 and Snyder has touted plans to open a new stadium for the Washington Football Team by 2027. Which means at least six more years of having to debunk poop water allegations for their fans.

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