Skip Bayless Defends LeBron in Feud With Abdul-Jabbar: Kareem is ‘Threatened’ of Being Knocked ‘Off His Pedestal’


If you’re a regular viewer of Fox Sports’ Undisputed, you may be surprised to read this, but Skip Bayless defended LeBron James for once after fellow Laker legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar accused James of hypocrisy on social justice issues over the weekend.

Discussed on Monday’s edition of the Fox Sports show, Bayless defended James — arguing that Kareem had an ulterior motive going after LeBron as he inches closer to the all-time regular season points throne.

“I am completely on LeBron’s side,” Bayless admitted. “I believe this is coming from the deepest part of Kareem, the part that is threatened by LeBron knocking him off the pedestal that he has occupied for these many, many years.”

Bayless went on to explain how this accolade is Abdul-Jabbar’s one “claim to fame” that has kept him relevant since his time in the league. Because of this, his view on James can be a bit distorted at times due to the competitive rivalry.

“He’s deep, but sometimes he’s a little unhinged in how he views something because he is swinging and missing at this one,” Bayless explained, causing Shannon Sharpe to chuckle. “I think the personal (vendetta) has at least colored his view, it’s blinded his view of LeBron.”

Abdul-Jabbar was present at Sunday’s Lakers game to present fellow Laker Carmelo Anthony with the new social justice champion award, an award that Bayless was surprised James didn’t win.

“If you ask me why he was going to be there, he is going to presented to a Laker. I’d say it’s still LeBron, right,” he asked a nodding Sharpe. “It’s to Carmelo and I’m saying ‘really Carmelo?’ No offense to Carmelo, but it just seems like LeBron is light years ahead of even Carmelo when it comes to social justice campaigning, crusading. You are going to attack LeBron on that front?”

The rift led Bayless to post a snippet of the segment on his twitter account with the caption: “Kareem, you’re gonna attack LeBron on social justice crusading? LeBron’s unimpeachable on that front, he’s been the greatest ever off the court when it comes to that.”

James has been known as a philanthropist since entering the NBA, providing college educations to thousands of underprivileged children with his ‘I Promise’ school in his native Akron, Ohio. He has also been a strong supporter of the BLM movement.

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