Sports Radio Host Mike Francesa ERUPTS on the NY Mets for Blowing a Late-Game Lead: ‘FIRE ALL OF ‘EM!’


Famed New York sports radio host Mike Francesa erupted at the New York Mets losing to a walk-off home run playing against the Philadelphia Phillies, shouting “FIRE ALL OF ‘EM!” after the team blew a 3-1 ninth inning lead.

“FIRE ALL OF ‘EM! DON’T EVEN BRING ‘EM BACK TO NEW YORK!” Francesa exclaimed. “Let the bus go the other way!”

“Bullpen’s shot, team’s shot, management’s shot, the pitching strategist-whoever knows what he does in the first place,” he continued. “Take the bus, instead of them going north on the turnpike, send them south and let the ’69 Mets suit up!”

“I can’t even believe it! You can’t lose this game,” Francesa continued. “They stink so bad you can’t even make it up!”

The Mets are not having a stellar season, as they are currently in third place in their division and have posted a record of 37-45 this year — dropping their fifth straight game on Thursday afternoon.

“Get rid of all of them, they’re a bunch of jokers,” Francesa said.

Watch above.

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